Amazon Fulfillment During COVID-19

Sales statistics indicate a higher volume during this pandemic. Consumer behavior has dramatically changed by generation making general users more tech-oriented and online dependent.

Amazon has become one of the most successful online brands and its demand increased considerably.

According to Retail Today, Amazon’s own inability to meet increased demand and extensive delivery delays of up to 4 weeks – compared to the typical 2-day Prime shipping. Sellers relying on FBA have suffered due to preferential treatment of ‘essential’ products. 

Sandy Kory, Managing Director of Horizon Partners, in San Francisco, added that ”businesses who solely relied on Amazon for fulfillment and sales sold less product and saw sharp decreases in volume. On the contrary, those who diversified their ability to sell and fulfill saw increased volume as a result.”

Amazon invested $15 billion in infrastructure, programs, people, and 150 new tools and services to help their sellers grow their brands and businesses. However, the increase on demand due to the current global pandemic is making online business owners find other alternatives to keep their costumers happy and the business running.

One takeaway from this is to avoid depending exclusively on a single sales channel. Choose a 3PL company that has proven to be a more reliable and profitable plan of action.

The second takeaway is to plan ahead and take advantage of Warehouse Management Systems that most Fulfillment Companies offer. This way you can anticipate issues in your supply chain.

WHSE Hub is located near Port Miami & Port Everglades. The 3PL Warehouse offers over 100,000 sq. ft. of bonded, non-bonded and pharmaceutical storage, a fulfillment center, and final mile deliveries.

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