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Tech-Based Solutions for Warehouse Storage

Take control of your freight with an Asset-Based 3PL Warehousing Company that can keep your cargo secure.

Certified U.S. Cargo Screening in Miami

WHSE Hub is one of the 400 currently approved Certified Cargo Screening Facilities. We have 12 staff members that have gone through the CCSP Program.

We offer our clients Cargo Screening Services through our state-of-the-art Smith’s X-Ray Machine and by Physical Search- if applicable. We also tender screened cargo to the airline carriers in our CCSP approved trucks.

Please see www.certifiedcargoscreening.net or click on the link to view important industry facts and see the services for CCSF we are offering. Ask a representative today about how we charge an “All In” screening rate with no LTL charges.

WHSE Hub WMS Advantages in South Florida

  • Cloud-Based System, 24/7 Access
  • Unlimited Reporting & Data Analytics
  • Data Secured under a Single Location, per Warehouse Receipt
  • Bill of Ladings Automatically Produced
  • Integrations with other API Systems
  • 1-on-1 Account Representatives
  • Company Owned Assets
  • Ancillary Value-Added Services

When you become our partner in our supply chain, we give you the right tools to control your inventory; empowering both our team and our clients.


With customizable WMS / Inventory Management System, we allow with quick and efficient consolidation, sequencing and labeling.

Using Magaya, an advanced warehouse management system, our clients have control of their inventory levels and location. Not every client is the same, and neither are their items; understanding these concrete and abstract facets allow us to provide ROI focused options in place. Our WMS is fully customizable and we committed the initial investment of setting up the WMS to exactly what our customers’ needs are, at no charge. Have a working platform designed to meet your unique needs. With extensive warehouse locations, inventory management operates hand-in-hand with each member of our storage team. From the front office to the warehouse crew, everyone is able to efficiently locate and update item status, conditions and more. This creates top-down visibility, passing more confidence to those involved in the 3PL chain.

pallet in distribution channels storage site

3PL Warehouse Services & Logistics

Pick and Pack

Pick-and-Pack services save clients valuable time and money by utilizing in-house strategies to effectively complete projects.

Vehicle Loading

Our team of trained professionals are skilled at handling vehicles while loading them into containers.

3PL Warehousing

Our public warehousing facility in Miami, Florida is the best on-demand solution for seamless 3PL supply chain management.

Bonded Warehouse

Safely store imported goods for up 5 years at our Class 3 Bonded Warehouse. Transparent technology allows tracking on all items.


WHSEHub’s Transloading services were specifically designed to quickly and efficiently follow protocol. This allows for seamless productivity to flow across departments.

Cross Docking

Lower over-heard by reducing shipping and handling times with WHSEHub’s Cross-Docking services. Productivity-focused to quickly and accurately move forward.

Temperature Controlled

Keep your merchandise cool and safe in our temperature-controlled containers and warehouses. Our warehouses can handle any item no matter how sensitive.

Yard Storage

Our 5-acre yard is strategically located in the heart of Miami and allows us to provide easy access to all major port terminals in South Florida.


WHSE PHARMA is a customizable supply chain solution for global distribution and storage of dry pharmaceutical trade.

US Customs

We specialize in U.S custom clearance and type 21 bonded warehouse entries. We also provide informal inbonds such as IT, TE, or IE’s.


Loading a truck’s load onto an airplane requires adhering to certain protocols, which is encompassed in WHSE Hub’s transloading services.

Container Freight Station

Asset-based trucking and warehousing less than two miles from Miami International Airport- perfect for bonded cargo.

Inventory Management

WHSEHub’s Inventory Management System provides 24/7 tracking of our client’s assets. Transparent technology and operations provide our clients with confidence and ease of mind.

Travel-Retail Warehousing

Handle all of your Retail Warehousing needs using our technology-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS).

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Make WHSEHub your e-commerce fulfillment partner. Allow us to take your operations to the next step with a team of professionals ready to work.

Don’t leave without first downloading our

Guide to Avoid Unnecessary Freight Charges.

Includes 28 Pro-Tips to help you better anticipate, mitigate, manage, and in some cases prevent any unnecessary charges.

FAQs About Certified Cargo Screening Program

What is the Certified Cargo Screening Program?

A program where a few selected partners are eligible to screen cargo under TSA security guidelines. There are only 400 partners in this program sponsored by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

What does it mean to be TSA certified?

Being Certified by the Cargo Screening program means that a third party is able to screen cargo. These partners go through an extensive training and are audited by the government.

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