5 Tips When Dealing With Bonded or Non-Bonded Warehouses

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Choosing an outsourced warehouse, whether bonded or non-bonded can be a challenge.

How do you ensure you get a provider that will cater to all your needs?

Here are 5 tips you should use when dealing with a bonded or non-bonded warehouse.

  1. Consider your short and long term needs
    Choose a provider who can accommodate you even if your needs increase over time. At Whse Hub, bonded warehousing services, we store imported goods for up to 5 years.
    We give clients long or short term options, where they avoid duty payment until shipping or nationalization of their goods.
  2. Confirm your technological requirements
    You should be able to monitor your cargo in real-time, tack, and check inventory online. We give you 24/7 visibility, online inventory management and tracking with Magaya Warehouse Management Software.
  3. Transparency
    The charges should be transparent and clear to avoid additional charges that end up ruining your budget. Our services are tailored to be transparent, ecofriendly, compliant and cost-effective to suit all your needs.
  4. Location Suitability
    The location of the warehouse affects your supply chain budget, considering the cost and time. Our bonded warehouses are located just a few minutes from the Port of Everglades, Port of Miami and Miami International Airport to save you time and costs when exporting and transporting your goods.
  5. All-round services
    Check what services your provider is offering as its less costly to have an all-inclusive package rather than outsourcing for certain services. We offer all the services needed in a supply chain process. From picking and packing goods to vehicle loading, cold storage, inventory management, e-Commerce and many more.
    Therefore you will not need to contract a third party to provide any services as we cover everything.

Are you looking for a bonded warehouse in Miami, Florida? Get a quote or talk to us +1 (888)-219-4544 now.

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