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Miami’s Cross Dock Warehouse Solutions

Cross-docking services for last-mile deliveries in the state of Florida.

The Cross-Docking Speed you Need Near The Port of Miami

Nowadays success in business means speed and accuracy.

Cross-docking reducing shipping and handling times maximizing efficiency.

We can:

  • Create a strong action plan that focuses on driving results and increasing ROI.
  • Assist with incoming full trailers and cross-dock them into another trailer.
  • Pick up a container at the port and cross-dock that container with a trailer.
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What is Cross Docking?

It is ideal to get items from point A to point B safely, in as little amount of time as possible.

How cross-docking works:

    1. Products are received through one dock.
    2. Transferred to another cross-dock.
    3. Then transported to its destination.

Top Cross Docking Benefits:

  1. Optimize Your Supply Chain
  2. Increase ROI
  3. Improve Your Inventory

Increase productivity levels and speed of service.


Reduce handling times of shipments and improve efficiency with our cross-docking center in Miami, FL.

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3PL Warehouse Services & Logistics


Pick and Pack

Save time and money utilizing in-house strategies to effectively complete projects.


Vehicle Loading

Our team of trained professionals handles all your vehicle loading needs nationwide. 


3PL Warehousing

Our facility in Miami, FL is the best on-demand solution for seamless 3PL supply chain management.


Bonded Warehouse

Safely store imported goods for up 5 years at our Class 3 Bonded Warehouse. Constant tracking on all items. 


In Bond
Export Consolidation

Go WHSE Hub’s Transloading services were designed to follow protocol quickly and efficiently. Allowing seamless productivity across departments.



Reduce over head costs and shipment handling times to improves efficiency with Go WHSE Hub.



Keep your merchandise cool and safe in our temperature-controlled containers and warehouses. 

order processing


Our strategic order processing is tech-enabled providing efficiency for order fulfillment on a national level.



Go WHSE Hub PHARMA is a customizable supply chain solution for global distribution and storage of dry pharmaceutical trade.


US Customs

We specialize in U.S custom clearance and type 21 bonded warehouse entries. We also provide informal inbonds such as IT, TE, or IE’s.



Transferring loads from one vessel to the next with expert precession and adhering to every protocol.


Container Station

Asset-based trucking and warehousing less than two miles from Miami International Airport- perfect for bonded cargo.



Go WHSE Hub’s Inventory Management System provides 24/7 tracking on all client’s assets for full transparency and peace of mind.



Handle all of your Retail Warehousing needs using our technology-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS).



Make Go WHSE Hub your e-commerce fulfillment partner. Allow us to take your operations to the next step with a team of professionals ready to work.

liquor distribution


Liquor Distribution services based out of Miami, FL with tech-based solutions for shipping and fulfillment nationwide.

Don’t leave without first downloading our

Guide to Avoid Unnecessary Freight Charges.

Includes 28 Pro-Tips to help you better anticipate, mitigate, manage, and in some cases prevent any unnecessary charges.

Guide to avoid unnecessary freight charges

FAQs About Cross Docking

What is cross docking?

Cross docking is where goods are not in storage but are shipped directly to the client. This reduces the time customers get their goods. Essentially, the freight is loaded in one mode of transportation to another one quickly.

What is cross docking in warehousing?

Cross docking is when goods are transported to another source instantly, reducing the need to store the items. This reduces the time for the goods to reach the end user, getting the goods to the user quicker.

Who is cross-docking good for?

Cross docking is good for companies that need to have their materials shipped to their clients fast. Usually food and beverage companies need this as they have temperature controlled freight that has to be refrigerated.

What is an example of cross docking?

An example of cross docking is a manufacturer, supplier, or shipping company’s goods received at Miami International Airport then immediately transported to another port such as The Port of Miami.

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