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Ryder rolls out “Ryder Smart Warehouses”

Chicago, Dallas, and Miami

With many logistics companies and ryder smart warehouse thinking about their warehouse’s future, Ryder System has already
begun to employ many wearable tech, drones, robotics, and sensors to help relieve the shortage of
warehouse workers.

Recently, the logistics giant announced that a rollout of many ryder “smart warehouses” will begin in the
Chicago, Dallas, and Miami markets. The new implementations are in the same places where a few
jobs have already become automated.

According to Ryder smart warehouses, productivity is expected to rise by 25% after robotics are implemented throughout their warehouses. They predict a savings of at least 20% in the amount of operations costs that Ryder experiences yearly.

ryder smart warehouse

Ryder let it be known that a drone system that they use at a Ryder customer warehouse can easily
and successfully scan a full pallet of products under 20 minutes. This is a huge savings in relation to
a person manually scanning which will take at least 90 minutes to complete. An additional 25% will
also be saved on costs of operations after sensors are installed. The sensors will be able to locate
assets quickly throughout the facility.

With wearables, Ryder has issued smart glasses to its employees to help reduce the amount of
picking time. This will allow them to pick an item and scan it in just 5 seconds each. Because of this,
efficiency will be improved by 33%.

Steve Sensing, president of Ryder’s global supply chain solutions stated that “we are currently
determining whether our technology and automation will be able to deliver a maximum amount of
return with minimum investment.

Ryder customers are continually facing fulfillment demands through omni-channels, a warehouse
labor shortage, and higher consumer expectations. As a company, we will keep innovating and
automating areas where we feel it needs.”

With a lot of investment already underway, Ryder will be able to ensure that they incorporate new
technologies and continue to well into the future. Some of these investments include e-commerce,
partnerships with startups, and electric trucks.

As part of its initiative with smart warehouses, Ryder Smart Warehouse has already partnered with Fetch Robotics, a startup that builds warehouse specific robots that aim to increase overall productivity.

Many warehouses and transportation companies in the U.S. have already begun to add many more
workers in 2019, even though there was a noticeable worker shortage in 2018.

Ryder is currently one of the largest companies in South Florida that has revenue of $7.33 billion.

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