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Historically, companies have relied on traditional warehouses when it came to handling important business operations such as inventory management, shipments and deliveries. Statistics have revealed that the amount of space occupied by distribution centers and warehouses has increased by a staggering 86.2% since the turn of the millennium.

Due to this rapidly rising demand, the costs of industrial real estate have skyrocketed and it’s become increasingly difficult for small businesses to lease or purchase traditional warehouses. Here are some of the reasons why flex warehouses have become a rising trend among small companies.

Increased Flexibility

Customizability is perhaps the main attraction of flex warehouse spaces. For growing companies, it’s essential to have the flexibility to make adjustments and move stuff around to accommodate their growing business needs. Fortunately, a flex warehouse space offers exactly that.Whether you want to increase your office space or include additional loading areas, flex warehouse spaces can be customized to suit the needs of your company. Steel buildings are a perfect solution, they lend themselves to all the flex warehouse flexibility requirements.

More Usable Areas

When looking for a commercial property to lease, you’ll find that most properties include areas like large lobbies, hallways and office space that take up a lot of real estate. What you ideally want is a warehouse space that offers the exact space you need, no more and no less. With a flex warehouse space, you get the exact amount of space that you pay for.

Direct Access

Another benefit of a flex warehouse space is that it provides your employees with direct access to their working space. Instead of having to walk through lobbies and back doors, they can just walk straight up to the loading docks. Your employees having direct access to inventory, shipping and receiving areas will streamline your distribution operations, and have a positive overall impact on your business.

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