Tips On How To Improve Your E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Have you ever thought of how to improve your order fulfillment through some relevant but straightforward tools?

Well, logistics and supply chain companies face various bundles in attempts to satisfy their clients and customers through timely and cost-effective shipments.

Recently, customers are operating on the notion that companies such dispatch their orders within one or two days. However, many background processes should be in place for those notions to materialize.

The urge for timely dispatch of orders is unmatched with various statistics suggesting that over 40% of customers cancel their orders due to late delivery.

 Also, customers consider various parameters alongside timely shipments. Mostly, shipping fees also play significant roles in determining customer satisfaction.

Statistics show that about 63% of online shoppers consider shipping fees as a primary reason for order cancellation.

What are the Basics of Order Fulfillment?

Many big businesses and startups face the need to re-establish their capacity to contain the products needed from broad customer bases.

However, there are instances where businesses may lack adequate capabilities to undertake the processes of logistics and supply chain management fully. What are the options then?

Often, businesses partner with third-party logistics companies as a strategy to save on cost, increase logistical capacities, and acquire specialized services.

Order fulfillment is done through three basic fronts: Dropshipping, in-house fulfillment, and 3PL fulfillment.

The third-party logistics companies such as complement businesses’ supply chain needs by applying proper warehousing management systems that promote the following:

  • Customer order reception either online, in person, or through calls.
  • Order registration through the Inventory system
  • Determination of location and pick up details.
  • Shipment packaging and delivery preparations
  • Customer notification for the imminent shipments
  • The recording of returns and other analytics

Tips to Improve Your Order Fulfillment

While supply chain and logistics management firms such as SunShip Ecommerce South Florida help improve your business’s capacity to contain pressures related to supply chain and logistics management, it is essential to consider various approaches that may further improve your order fulfillment.

Some of these tips include:

1. Promoting end-to-end order visibility

Your business should maintain customer linkages through Order Management Systems that enable customers to access, manage, and evaluate catalogs, inventory, and the same order fulfillment processes as your business.

Through promoting end-to-end visibility, customers can assess product availability, quantities, location, and stock.

2. Choose an appropriate location for your warehouse 

Often, go for areas where shippers and other customers have the potential to make quick picks and shipment collections.

It is also essential to set up warehouses at the proximity of your customers to aid in fast but low-cost ground shipping.

3. Update the return policy

Yes, it is essential to clarify on return policy since about 30% of all supplies turn out to be returned due to the combinations of many factors.

Subsequently, ensure that you work with suppliers who would accept returns and process refunds. Such moves would eliminate unnecessary suspicion as extra restocking fees.

Final Thoughts

Every business faces the necessity to upgrade their order fulfillment capacities regardless of location, size, and other factors.

Whether you are involved in drop shipping, in-house fulfillment, or third-party fulfillment, important tips enable end-to-end visibility, setting a strategic location for your warehouse, and updating your policy on returns may improve the overall aspect of order fulfillment.

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