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We specialize in U.S custom clearance and type 21 bonded warehouse entries. We also provide informal inbonds such as IT, TE, or IE’s. Our team is experienced in communicating with customs agencies.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
We specialize in food and food-related products. We are also experienced in handling U.S. Food and Drug Administration matters.

We are experts in dealing with the specific requirements of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. We coordinate with USDA before the vessel arrives to determine if they wish to examine, need to fumigate or usually release each related shipment.

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Clear Customs Faster


Fully licensed and accredited. We remain a fully compliant pharmaceutical warehousing service.


Our team of pharmaceutical logistics experts ensures maximum consumer satisfaction.


We offer full integration with our customers’ system support electronic data interchange for order processing, inventory management, and reporting. Most critical to operational success, our dedicated and experienced team stands behind our pharmaceutical logistics service offerings to ensure the utmost product quality and maximum customer satisfaction through supply chain management.

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Each member of our warehouse team has walked through a system of safety-focused training & workflow efficiency. Each staff member first passes written tests and is walked through the entire process. With dedicated computer terminals and IoT enhanced devices, they are able to quickly locate, update, and finalize any item in our warehouses. Employees are cross-trained, allowing for real-time workflow optimization and no delay.

By focusing on compliance and empowering our staff with technology, WHSEHub is able to pass cost-effective and eco-friendly storage solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Hazmat Capabilities

We understand that merchandise and cargo sometimes require extra attention. With hazmat certifications and training, our team can safely and securely store chemicals, dangerous goods, gases, pharmaceuticals, and more. Hazmat checklists, documentation, labeling, secure packing are just a few of the secondary services we can provide. Dealing with legal and ethical compliance can be tricky and costly; our team members provide insights to provide a hassle-free storage process while following all set standards. Learn more about our entire hazardous items capabilities by visiting HazmatHub.


Pick and Pack

Pick-and-Pack services save clients valuable time and money by utilizing in-house strategies to effectively complete projects.


Vehicle Loading

Our team of trained professionals is skilled at handling vehicles while loading them into containers.

3PL Warehouse

Our public warehousing facility in Miami, Florida is the best on-demand solution for seamless 3PL supply chain management.

Bonded Warehouse

Safely store imported goods for up 5 years at our Class 3 Bonded Warehouse. Transparent technology allows tracking on all items.


WHSEHub’s Transloading services were specifically designed to quickly and efficiently follow protocol. This allows for seamless productivity to flow across departments.


Lower over-heard by reducing shipping and handling times with WHSEHub’s Cross-Docking services. Productivity-focused to quickly and accurately move forward.

Cold Storage

Keep your merchandise cool and safe in our temperature-controlled containers and warehouses. Our warehouses can handle any item- no matter how sensitive.

Yard Storage

Our 5-acre yard is strategically located in the heart of Miami and allows us to provide easy access to all major port terminals in South Florida.


WHSE PHARMA is a customizable supply chain solution for global distribution and storage of dry pharmaceutical trade.

US Customs

WHSE PHARMA is a customizable supply chain solution for global distribution and storage of dry pharmaceutical trade.


WHSE PHARMA is a customizable supply chain solution for global distribution and storage of dry pharmaceutical trade.

Certified Cargo Screening

WHSE PHARMA is a customizable supply chain solution for global distribution and storage of dry pharmaceutical trade.


Freight Station

Asset-based trucking and warehousing less than two miles from Miami International Airport- perfect for bonded cargo.

Inventory Management

WHSEHub’s Inventory Management System provides 24/7 tracking of our client’s assets. Transparent technology and operations provide our clients with confidence and ease of mind.

Travel-Retail Warehousing

Handle all of your Retail Warehousing needs using our technology-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS).

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Make WHSEHub your e-commerce fulfillment partner. Allow us to take your operations to the next step with a team of professionals ready to work.

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