What is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics is the return of items from customers to manufactures. This happens when a customer returns goods by mail or in-person to the company where the goods were originally sold.

In business, it’s important to plan for any possible scenario. A 3PL Warehouse or Fulfillment company should help businesses get a shipment to its destination and can also help you when customers need to return items.

Reverse logistics management is important for you and your customers.

Go Whse Hub’s expedited process helps your customers safely get their products back.

Above all, Go Whse Hub makes sure that your customers have a positive return experience, regardless of a transaction being a return.

How Many Services Are Included In Reverse Logistics?

  • Brick & Mortar Retail
  • Web-Based Retail
  • Return of Dangerous Goods
  • Tracking System Provided For All Shipments
  • WMS adds efficiency to the entire returns process

Go Whse Hub is located near Port of Miami and Everglades in beautiful Miami Florida.

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